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Any physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery whose principle interest is in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation, or one of its branches (for example, electromyography, pediatric rehabilitation, sports medicine, pain medicine, etc.) can apply for membership in this Society.

Membership in this Society is a privilege and not a right, and is contingent upon compliance with the requirements specified in these Bylaws:

1) No person shall be accepted or continued as a member of this Society unless that person is of good moral character and adheres to the traditionally high ethical standards of the medical profession and is practicing in accordance with the principles of this Society. Membership is open to all eligible individuals regardless of age, race, creed, national origin, sex, or disability.

2) The Society shall consist of three categories of members:

a. Active Members

Members in good standing, with dues paid, have the right to participate in all scientific and business meetings, to vote, and to be elected as officers or members of various committees of the Society. There are doctors of medicine or doctors of osteopathy. It is preferred that active members be trained in Physiatry.

b. Honorary Members

Members who have been active in the Society but have retired or left the region; persons of extraordinary distinction; and other individuals who are regarded as assets to the field of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation may receive the honorary membership. They are exempt from paying dues, remain on the Society’s mailing list, can participate in all meetings, but cannot vote or be elected an officer.

c. Associate Members

Physicians in training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and other specialties of medicine and ancillary professionals (physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, vocational counselors, prosthetists, orthotists, rehabilitation engineers, social workers, recreational therapists) may qualify as associate members. They are on the Society’s mailing list, can participate at open business meetings, but cannot vote or be elected as officers of the Society.

3) Applications for active and associate memberships shall be made on the printed form of the Society, signed by the applicants, endorsed by one active member in good standing, and submitted to the Society for approval. Those approved should be presented to the Society for election at the earliest business meeting.

4) Honorary members are nominated by active or honorary members with a summary presentation of the individual’s background to support an honorary status. By majority vote of the members at an open business meeting, the individuals shall be voted in.

Exerpted from HSPMR Constitution and Bylaws