In 1985, a small group of dedicated Physiatrists recognized the unique role that our specialty plays in supporting access and opportunity for disabled Islanders. These Physiatrists formed an organization called Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians of Hawai`i. Despite showing great initial promise, the organization began to struggle with dwindling membership, and dissolved in 1996.

A decade passed. Loose professional ties served to connect Physiatrists in the Islands to one another, but in the absence of a unifying body, the sense of fellowship and community that the initial group had spent much time and effort to cultivate began to slip away.

Concerned about the state of these affairs, in 2006, the decision was made by several prominent Physiatrists to re-establish the organization under a new name:  Hawai`i Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (HSPMR). Having learned from the difficulties and sacrifices of their predecessors, this new generation of leaders set about a strategic initiative to successfully unify the Islands’ Physiatrists into a coalition of diverse and skilled specialists.

Since its revival in 2006, HSPMR has continued to develop into the premier professional organization for Physiatrists in the State of Hawai`i. And now, thanks to the dedication and vision of many, many people affiliated with HSPMR, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the launch of our new, official website.

E komo mai. Welcome to your gathering place.

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